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About Kyoto University Alumni

Background to its establishment

Since Kyoto University’s founding as an imperial university at the end of the 19th century, a number of alumni associations have been formed within the university’s individual faculties, graduate schools, etc., actively supporting and encouraging exchange among their members. For many years, there was no alumni association for the university as a whole. However, in November 2006, Kyoto University Alumni was established as a loosely-knit umbrella organization to facilitate cooperation among the individual alumni associations, with the purpose of contributing to the overall development of the university.


Kyoto University Alumni aims to develop alongside Kyoto University as it promotes exchange and friendship among its members.

Kyoto University Alumni hosts an annual homecoming day to give alumni the opportunity to enjoy a day back at their alma mater. The domestic and international regional alumni associations also provide opportunities for exchange among their members by hosting events in their respective regions and countries, such as lecture meetings, social gatherings, and leisure and sports activities.

  1. Alumni associations of faculties, graduate schools, and institutes
    By joining an alumni association within your faculty, graduate school, or institute, you automatically become a member of Kyoto University Alumni. A number of these alumni associations also include current faculty members and students, fostering exchange between current and former faculty members and students.
  2. Regional alumni associations within Japan
    There are a number of regional alumni associations within Japan that host a range of events, such as regional general meetings and lecture presentations by guest speakers from Kyoto University.

    The domestic regional alumni associations are also involved in developing collaboration with the university and promoting exchange with local communities by assisting with the organization of regional lecture presentations, which allow Kyoto University to disseminate the results of its cutting-edge research to the rest of society.
  3. Regional alumni associations outside of Japan
    Each year, international students and researchers from over 100 countries around the world are enrolled at Kyoto University for the pursuit of academic studies and research. There are a number of alumni associations founded by these international students and researchers after returning to their home countries as well as alumni associations run by Japanese alumni living and working overseas.

    Kyoto University Alumni collaborates with the international regional alumni associations to ensure that alumni have many opportunities to meet and interact through events such as symposiums and roundtable discussions.

The appeal of regional alumni associations

The regional alumni associations provide valuable opportunities for alumni from different faculties and graduate schools to meet and engage each other in open exchanges of insights and opinions that transcend the borders of their respective academic fields and disciplines. It is our hope that such exchanges provide alumni with all kinds of information that will help them to navigate our
ever-increasing, globally-oriented, diverse society and pursue successful careers in Japan or around the world.

Moreover, the regional alumni associations’ collaboration with their alma mater, Kyoto University--a treasure house of knowledge--helps their members to build up their careers, which leads to significant developments, generating great progress in local communities as well as on a national and global scale.

Kyoto University Alumni as a link to the university

By acting both as a link that encourages greater bonds among alumni in and outside of Japan, and a link between alumni and the university, Kyoto University Alumni supports alumni pursuing careers in Japan and around the world, and in turn contributes to the development of the university.